Digital Inclusion

  • +80% Of consumers explore online
  • +50% Of users discover companies in the search engine
  • ! Digital media are key in the development of strategies.
  • x5 Companies with marketing strategies grew

Why think Digital?

The premise of a world linked by technologyis a fact and more and more people are incorporating the Internet as an indispensable medium in their routines:

  • More than 80% of consumers explore onlinewhat they intend to buy before making a purchase.
  • More than 50% of smartphone users discover new companies through their phone's search engine.
  • Most marketing, sales, and business strategies use digital media as a key resource in their development.
  • In 2020, companies with digital transformation strategies grew five times more than others.

With these data in mind, we understand that there are no longer large or small companies, but some that have an identity on the Internet and others that are in danger of extinction.

Pursuing technological democratization

Our 360 Digital Inclusion Campaign seeks to incorporate companies and individuals into the digital ecosystem.

The 360 Digital Subscription is aimed at small and medium-sized companies, as well as independent professionals, with the objective of increasing their presence in the global digital market and providing, at a cooperative price, the best resources to develop the commercial strategies that today's market demands.

Clear objectives,
surprising results.

In an agile and efficient way, the 360 Digital Subscription:

  • 01
    Improves brand image
  • 02
    Expands the market
  • 03
    Strengthens customer relationships
  • 04
    Promotes interaction and feedback
  • 05
    Optimizes resources
  • 06
    Boosts commercial development
  • 07
    Increases the productivity of your team

360 Ecosystem

Digital presence is the first step. Transmitting a solid and real message makes the difference.

At GDC, we accompany the process, of improving people's quality of life. We know that a website is not enough, that brand personalization is a premise, and that it is necessary to stand out.
Therefore, the 360 Digital Subscription proposes an accessible model that prioritizes the usability and cooperative pricing of the platforms, addressing the digital inclusion of companies in three areas: advertising, loyalty, and marketing.

While technology plays a key role,

Any digital transformation requires a change of mindset, it implies a new way of seeing the world.

360 inclusion

Through our Digital Inclusion Campaign, we walk the path hand in hand.